6. Selection method

The winner is determined through a review by Leo Esaki Prize committee.
*Leo Esaki Investigative commission is acting as pre-examining authority.

Leo Esaki Prize Committee (in no particular order, titles omitted)

Chairman : Leo Esaki
Director, The Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki
Chairman, Science Academy of Tsukuba
Awarded the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics

Hideki Shirakawa
Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba
Awarded the 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Ryoji Noyori
Director-General, Center for Research and Development Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Makoto Kobayashi
Professor Emeritus, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics

Hiroshi Amano
Director, Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability
Awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics

Mamoru Mori
Director, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
A former NASDA astronaut

Masatoshi Okada
Honorary Advisor, National Institute for Materials Science
Vice- Chairman, Science Academy of Tsukuba

Susumu Nishimura
Visiting Scholar, Laboratory Animal Resource Center, University of Tsukuba
Member of the Administrative Conference, Science Academy of Tsukuba

Kiyoaki Maruyama
Vice- Chairman, Science Academy of Tsukuba